Friday, 7 March 2008

Opinion: When less means more in politics, by Joan Abril

Slogans for political campaigns or electoral programmes have to
conform to the magic formula: "less is more". What this means exactly
is that a few, carefully selected words have to carry maximum force in
their meaning. A good example is the slogan for the PSC-PSOE (Partit
dels Socialistes de Catalunya) candidate Carme Chacón. "La Catalunya
optimista" is a phrase that transmits an optimism that the work of the
governing Socialist party will continue, while the phrase "Si tú vas,
somos más" also rings with optimism. This latter slogan is
complemented by another – "Si tú no vas, ellos vuelven" – that shows
spooky silhouettes of the opposition leaders of the Partido Popular
(PP). (Full story in printed edition)