Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ban on Bullfighting to be Debated in Parliamant

Current legislation in Catalonia bans cruelty to animals with the notable exception of bullfighting. On Friday 18th December this matter will be debated in Parliament after 180,000 signatures were collected across Catalonia to demand the end to this practice.
The 11 members of the promoting commission of this Popular Initiative will be present in the Parliament; one speaking from the podium in favour of the change in the Law in a 15 minute speech. This will be followed by 15 minute speeches from Members of Parliament from the three parties (the Popular Party, the Citizens’ Party and Socialist Party of Catalonia) who wish to scrap the whole initiative.
Finally, representatives of the CiU, ERC and ICV parties (Convergencia i Unió, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and Iniciativa Verds) will explain their reasons for not requesting any amendments.