Monday, 28 July 2008

Platform, by Martí Gironell: Mandela and the role of sport

Now that all the fuss over Spain's victory in Euro 2008 has died down,
I would like to talk about football. To be specific, about football
and Nelson Mandela. At the end of June, while Vienna was hosting the
Euro 2008 final, a concert was held in tribute to the South African
leader in London. Specifically, it was a concert to celebrate
Mandela's upcoming 90th birthday on July 18. I don't know if Mandela
asked for a television in order not to miss the Euro 2008 final, but
it is well-known that he is a keen football fan who defends the game
as a way of positively changing the lives of millions of people, many
of whom to be found in his long-suffering country. (Full story in
printed edition).