Monday, 28 July 2008

The Last Word, by Joseph Wilson: The New Feminism

Once upon a time women had to be paid (in cash, and mainly in small
bills) to swing around a pole dressed in high heels and progressively
very little else. Oh, how the times have changed. El Periódico reports
that the latest fitness fad to arrive from US gym culture to these
shores is the estriptís class. So now we have women handing over money
to dance instructors or work-out leaders to learn the lusty arts of
erotic dancing. According to Barcelona's resident expert on the art of
striptease, Chiqui Martí, this form of exercise "is a compendium of
technics designed for a woman to carry out an activity which, besides
allowing her to keep physically, as well as mentally fit, permits her
to develop a feminine means of expression unknown to her until now".
(Full story in printed edition)


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