Monday, 28 July 2008

Interview: Simone Lambrects, dutch musician: That ’ol Catalan hoedown

– What brought you here?
In 1998 some friends introduced me to Cesc Sans and Pere Pau Gimènez,
a tabor piper and an accordion player – the two of them specialised in
Catalan folk music. We set up a folk band named Clau de Lluna, which
was the job that convinced me to come over and make a living in
Catalonia. I first collaborated with Pep Sala for the song La Taverna
d'Old John and it came out so well that he asked me to join his Banda
del Bar. I also played with Sau, Gerard Quintana, Lluís Llach, Toni
Xuclà, Electrica Dharma... (Full story in printed edition)


Laura Pendergast,  3 November 2008 at 09:50  

That’s incredible, but in 2008 there are situations like these in the World, and when I say ”World” I’m not talking about a very distant country, no, I’m talking about our world, our everyday’s world; And looking my country I could say that we are living in the second Middle Age.
Lots of inmates in prisons and streets, people dying by hungry, winds of unlove flying across the air, too few rich persons and too many poor persons, wars and as you have said: People without home.
Well, humanity has discovered lots of medicines, man has walked on the moon and perhaps in some years we could go to the space to have our holidays, but that is just for 1%of world’s totally population.
So, people have improved their lifestyle or are we walking back ?Are we making this world a better place to live? My answer is No.