Monday, 28 July 2008

Interviews with statues

The human statues on Les Rambles are a longtime fixture of the city's
premier tourist thoroughfare. Residents often stride by without giving
a second look, but they are out there everyday, plying their curious
trade. What is it like to embody Julius Caesar or Che Guevara, a
Japanese World War II infantryman or an enormously fat lady? How do
they prepare, what do they think about and do they get bored? These
are some of the questions we asked the four human statues below. (Full
story in printed edition).


Alba Muixí,  3 November 2008 at 10:00  

Barcelona is an expensive city. We can see it in every place we go there. The price of the tickets of the museums and the cultural events is very expensive, so it's great to see the statues on Les Rambles plying their trade. This type of art is not expensive and it's as valuable as the other one in the museums. I disagree with the opinion in the article which say that the people living near Les Rambles are used to stride by the statues and they don't give a second look, because in my opinion these actors are incredible and watching them embodying different characters is always a great experience.