Friday, 30 May 2008

The Last Word, by Joseph Wilson: Heaven and earth

Signs of spiritual slippage seem to have been going unnoticed by the
majority of society, wrapped up as we are in more earthly concerns
like water, oil and whether we here in Spain will be graced by
Cristiano Ronaldo's exemplary displays of humility come next season.
Yet fear not, for the Church never sleeps when it comes to sounding
the alarm over the nation's moral decline. This week we have been
warned by none other than the Cardinal of Madrid and head of the
Conferencia Episcopal Española himself, Antonio María Rouco, that
"Spain and Europe are feeling the temptation to declare the death of
God." Ah, a man of the times. If, at least as far as Europe goes, the
"times" he is referring to were a couple of centuries ago. But
whatever modernity Cardinal Rouco lacks in thought, he more than makes
up for in style. I mean how can you not trust a man of the cloth who
dons shades? Or, for that matter, an army general? The truth is that
the sunglasses so popular among priests and higher ranking military
officials (generally of the Latin world) has never really put me at
ease. But again, I doubt they are really out to win over my heart and
mind. (Full story in printed edition).