Friday, 30 May 2008

International in name only

When Europe's national football teams line-up to do battle in June for
the 2008 Eurocopa some countries will be conspicuously absent.
England, for example, the originators of the game, failed to qualify
and will to sit the tournament out.
But there are also a number of European countries who were never given
the opportunity to qualify because they are not recognised by the
international football federations, Uefa and Fifa. One such team is
Catalonia. (Full story in printed edition).


Arthur Moore,  1 June 2008 at 23:44  

If Scotland, Wales, or even Feroe Islands can play official matches, I can´t understand why Catalonia is not allowed to... Is Spain a true democracy or what?

Dan 5 June 2008 at 14:01  

Scotland, Wales and the Faroe Islands are whole countries. The part of Catalonia situated in Spain is a province of the country of Catalonia. The province cannot claim to represent the country.

Anonymous,  5 June 2008 at 18:47  

I'm sorry Dan. I don't know how much time do you live in Catalonia but, if you cannot understand why Catalonia is a whole country like Scotland or Wales, you must live few time here or you don't want realize or .. you are a bit blind and deaf because two weeks were enough to me. States and nations are not always coincidents.

Anonymous,  14 June 2008 at 13:00  

Actually Faroe Islands is a part of Denmark. They still receive more than 500 million euros a year in support from the danish government... - and they still have their own team that compete in international tournaments. Why not Catalonia?
Catalonia is a place of its own...

Dan 17 June 2008 at 14:05  

Yes, the Faroe Islands and Greenland are part of The Kingdom of Denmark and Wales and Scotland are part of the United Kingdom. Interestingly Greenland is soon to be granted independence but does not have an international football team, presumably because the players fall over on the ice.

Catalonia is different because it straddles two states, Spain and France, and does not have a single government or sporting association that represents the entire country.

Anonymous,  30 June 2008 at 17:27  

Actually Greenland have been playing international matches and the do have an international football team. But as the population only counts a little more than 50.000 thousand people football is not an every day thing.

The reason why Catalonia doesn't have it's own sporting association is in my opinion left overs from the past. Lot of unjustice have been done to the catalan people and it hasn't ended yet. Football is only one of the things...
To continue rejecting the catalans will only make it worse.
So even if Catalonia straddles more than one state I still don't see the justice in not let them play. C
As another mentioned... "States and nations are not always coincidents."