Monday, 26 May 2008

Ghettoisation of Catalan Schools

Last year, the father of a child attending the Collaso i Gil secondary
school in Barcelona contacted Catalonia's ombudsman, the Síndic de
Greuges, to make a complaint about the growth in the proportion of
immigrant children at the school, which in 2001 stood at 32% and had
risen to 80% in 2006.
The complaint was only one of 148 received by the ombudsman in 2007
and in most cases the rise in the proportion of schoolchildren of
immigrant origin did not correspond with the proportion of foreigners
living in the local area, which was usually much lower.
This last aspect is the main conclusion drawn from the report on
segregation in schools presented by the Síndic de Greuges to the
Catalan parliament on May 15. (Full story in printed edition).