Friday, 30 May 2008

Jordi Hereu, Mayor of Barcelona: Another tripartite is not the only option

After a year in minority government, consensus is the key word for the
mayor of Barcelona, who calls for a period of political calm and
– What's the best thing about this past year?
That almost all the seeds are planted so that they can grow.
– And the worst?
That it is hard to imagine what it will become.
– You say you want to reach an agreement with ERC. How do you think
that might work?
In terms of governability, it is true that in the next few months I
would like a more stable environment. It could be a good thing for
everyone. We will work over the next few months and I will get
involved personally, though before that happens we have work on policy
to get on with. (Full story in printed edition).


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