Thursday, 5 February 2009

Minister Maragall wants to change the schools calendar

Advance one week the beggining of the school year, and set seven days of vacation in February, dates and variables adjusted for Easter. This is the new proposal the Catalan Minister of Education, Ernest Maragall, presented the School Council of Catalonia and was greeted by political parties, unions and parents with concerns to consider the "hasty" and "inappropriate." For Maragall, the changes would improve teaching and a more rational application of the school calendar.

The proposal stems from a report by a committee of experts based on the school calendars of other countries (the majority are spread over the holidays throughout the year) and changes the balance of Easter, Winter and Summer holidays. maintaining the 176 days of classes. According to Maragall, the change should not pose any problem because the teachers would continue back at the beginning of September, having been in June to prepare the classes.


Ari nd Guillem,  9 February 2009 at 12:10  

First of all we are students and we are against on this posement because if the school starts as always, you don't have to do homework or exams or something like this, but if the school start one week before, and this week is on February, this week you will probably have to do some homework or study, and it won't be a relaxed week.
In our school, in February, we go to skying, and if the week we are talking about is on February, probably, we won't go there.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 12:12  

I'm student.
In my opinion, I think that can be a good idea because in February there aren't any vacation and it can't be very stresful.
But in the other hand, there are some students, who think that idea is very bad and strange, because they do their holidays in this days, and the summer can be a litle bit short

Jordi Pujals,  9 February 2009 at 12:13  

In my opinion the proposal is quite correct beacause in summer the the holidays are too long and there comes a time when bored. This week holidays in setember was very well put it in the week of February. I hope that this proposal go ahead and the other parties of government support the proposal.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 12:16  

I was a teenager and now I give my opinion about this text.
I think that the change of the school calendres is good because you can do holidays ons week in the middle of the course. I don't care begginning one week before because in september you don't do anything special.
Only there is one thing that I can't understand. This thins is why do we make holidays in February?
Spain should make holidays how at rest of UE because all the countries would do the same.
For other side I think that this week of holidays is bad for the parents because they must carry the childs with clubs or places for their.

Marta B.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 12:21  

We are from Catalonia and we are studing in secondary school. We agree with this new idea to change the school's calendar, because in September, you have had lots of holiday weeks, so you are relaxed and bored. From Cristmas until Easter we haven't got any long holiday only the weekends, so we think that changing the position of this week should be a good idea to have some relaxing time to do whatever you want, even if you want
you can go to sky or something else and you will return to school
more relaxed.

guillem and Ari

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