Thursday, 7 February 2008

Opinion: Service with a smile, by Neil Stokes

Don't tell my mum, but I've had another brush with the law. My latest fruitless encounter with the security services happened last week after a long day at the newspaper. (Full story in printed edition).


Anonymous,  8 February 2008 at 15:17  

Pity you don't live out in the sticks as I do here in Torroella de Montgri. Nearly everyone round here goes without lights on their bikes!!! Dead easy to get yourself killed. Quite often I have passed an object on the road and, at the last minute, have realised that it was a cyclist usually dressed in black clothes with a black bike and, sometimes, of black African origin. Talk about making it easy for yourself!!! It's also important for you city slickers to remember that out here in hickland that we don't have the luxury of street lamps on every corner to help us on our way. Yet another hazard in the route from A to B. I remember as a child in my hometown a vigorous campaign entitled "WHITE AT NIGHT IS RIGHT". Pity more can't be done round here to warn people of the dangers.