Thursday, 14 February 2008

Interview: Muhammad Iqbal: Integration: ‘everyone has to chip in’

- Eight of the 10 arrested for allegedly planning a terrorist attack in Barcelona are Pakistani [the other two are Indian nationals]. What's your
opinion of the police investigation so far?
- It's hard for us to believe that these men are implicated. As to the two I know personally –Ahmad Mirza [accused of being the ideological leader]– he has four daughters. Mohammad Ayub Elahi [an alleged coleader] I've known forever. I do not share any suspicion whatsoever that these men are linked. We hope the justice system does its work; it's up to them to see if it's one, two or three or all of them. But based on the what has come out so far, based on the testimony of the protected witness, there is not enough to charge anyone. (Full story in printed edition).