Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Concerts represent 87% of the Catalan music industry business

Live music has turned out to be the motor of the Catalan music industry, according to the Annual Conclusion of Music and Entertainment by the Group Enderrock. Last year the promoters and concert halls of Catalonia have collected seven times more money than the record labels. With a billing of about 150 millions of euros in 2008, the companies that have dedicated themselves to live music concentrate 87% of the business volume of music in Catalonia. According to Joan Roselló, president of the Association of Representatives, Promoters and Managers of Catalonia (ARC), 13 million people have been attending the 22.000 concerts last year, an amount that beats the audience of Barça, Español, the theater and dance altogehter.


Donyet,  20 July 2009 at 16:11  

The reason for this may be that the recording industry is overly cautious about investing in Catalan language artists due to a perceived risk. This means that concerts are one of the few and possibly only outlets that many Catalan artists have to share their music.

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