Thursday, 3 April 2008

Drought plan sparks water war

The lines have been drawn and the first salvos fired. The worst
drought in the past 60 years in Catalonia is pitting brother against
brother with the Catalan government versus Madrid and Barcelona
against the other three provinces of Catalonia –Girona, Lleida and
Tarragona. The dispute, ironically enough, is not about how to deal
with the drought, but rather how to deal with a possible water
shortage for the city of Barcelona. Baring massive rainfall this
summer, the Catalan capital will run dry come October 2008. (Full
story in printed edition).


Brian, Tortosa,  19 April 2008 at 18:37  

It is also pitting politician against citizen, belief in the democratic system against voter apathy ... given that ALL three parties presently in power in BCN signed the Compromis per l'Ebre, very publicly, in 2003 which guaranteed they would not accept a water transfer from the Ebro, let alone be behind one! Not to mention the recently expressed electoral promises just 4 weeks ago from all "left"-wing parties that there would never again be a water transfer from the Ebro.